Even without attacking medication Drug (?) Production:
There are common things …

(an “explanation” always is an attempt to a better picture model in thinking, so this page should be seen rather as an attempt to a better picture model for thinking than as an “explanation”)

1) AIDS:

A Virus (HIV) attacks an organism & beats the immune system & produces an illness
— that is a very normal situation: each virus does so —
— even beating the immune system is done by every “successful” virus —
— just the duration of destroyed immune systems last longer —
from sexual behaviour to pregnancy and used injection needles AIDS is linked to guilt mechanisms and guilty feelings without an end in sight.

So what happens?
a) All known AIDS patients were/are in significant stress situations either by lacking acknowledgement (sex, discrimination) or by “nature” (hardly a body is more stressed than a pregnant body is) or by deceased organism rests (which always produces and enhances virus propagation, as a dead body in the anatomy building or blood on a used injection needle)
— and STRESS produces immune deficits, always —
b) no case of infection by mosquito thorns is “known” so far (although these thorns are even ORGANIC and viruses should live longer on them, compared to stainless steel needles)
c) pharma industries only develop drugs “attacking the HIV” (virus) while only few social helpers create an atmosphere of Human Dignity to reduce personal stress

Need any more evidence for the allegation that “believer” contents are wrapped into “scientific” phrases???


2) Digital Dementia:

“People are more susceptible to Dementia when they spend too much time with Computers and Social Media” (or “internet leads to losses of personal relations and social competence”) are among the most recent fashionable chatterings — in “scientific” wrappings — and nevertheless intend just more rulemaking & social control …

Computers lead to Dementia (“Digital Dementia”) ?
— of course, arent they forgetting everything around, else? —
And Social Media: dont they forget what you wanted from them since they always think of facebook only ?

Again the explanation is simple: whoever would strain the own brain (instead just filling it with poems and should-do-s)
is using enormeous mental energy — thus needing physical energy — and is susceptible to typical concentration defects, such as forgetting things or even a reduced short term memory, and reduced attention & reactiveness towards the rest of the environment.
(wouldnt you? when simply digging into a complicated math problem, for example?)

Need any more evidence for the allegation that “believer” contents are wrapped into “scientific” phrases???

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